Classroom of Life by Julia Cook

—  In a large classroom, we fill the desks as students learning to navigate life. You might consider yourself a front row kind of student, or maybe someone who likes to blend into the middle. I’m sure there are some back row students out here stirring up trouble :) In our classroom, The scriptures are our textbooks. We can read them, peruse through them, skim over the chapters; they are words printed on a page there for us to learn.

But God, our loving Heavenly father is the author of those texts.  we know that we should study them but On our own, it is difficult to understand the scriptures fully and just reading them when we have some free time is not enough. So in school, Jesus Christ is our teacher. He loves us and assigns us homework (or gives us a commandment) to read from the scriptures each day. HE knows that it will benefit us to feast upon the words and he teaches in a way that can make sense to even the most troubled student. We can raise our hand and ask any question we want at any point during class and Jesus Christ will always answer in the way that he sees fit. He is in charge of the schedule and the future curriculum. He knows when the tests are coming and what the questions will be. He’s not one of those teachers that finds joy in watching his students crumble under the pressure of a pop quiz that is laced with trick questions. Not. At. All. He is a teacher that knows our greatest potential and believes that we can achieve it. The tests he gives can all be answered with simple acts of faith and will be refining to us as individuals.

He takes role every morning and calls out each of our names.  But even so, he gives us the freedom to choose whether or not we will answer him and say “present”. He never misses a name. Even if that student hasn’t responded for 15 years, Christ will always remember them and yearn for them.

Well since christ is the teacher, then who could the holy ghost be? He is the personal tutor that sits next to us in class everyday and who goes home with us after school. When we sit down in our desk and are handed a test that seems too difficult to pass, he’s in the desk next to ours with a hand on our shoulder and a tissue at the ready. When we don’t quite understand a concept being taught, we can turn to him and he will let us know what we are missing. He assures us that what we read in the scriptures is true and that Jesus Christ is really our savior. Over the course of the day, he will be whispering to us what we should do or say, when to raise our hand or who to invite to sit with us at lunch. He can tell us who may have gotten made fun of a recess and is in need of a friend. He may even warn you when the class bully is looking to target you that day. He knows what you need and, like Elder Christensen said, he wants us to be happy. He knows our strengths and weaknesses and works with Jesus Christ, our ultimate teacher, to help us develop.


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